About Us

CheapJumpRings.com is an outgrowth of my wife’s hobby of making chainmaille Jewelry. Back in 2009, when she first got involved in the hobby, she brought home a very small bag of silver jumprings. When she showed me the price, I was flabbergasted (does anyone still use that word?).

At the same time we have visited a small local jeweler and was telling him about my shock about the price. He quickly showed me how to make the rings myself. Armed with that 10 minute lesson in jumpring making, I started researching techniques on the internet. I quickly learned what people were interested in, and what they did not like. I invested some money in minimal equipment and started making rings for my wife.

Next came her friends (thanks Nancy!). I began making rings for them and then decided to try to build a business. I created my own very rudimentary website, tried to publicize via word-of-mouth and waited. I remember the excitement when I got my first paying order (Thanks Laura!). From there we continued to grow. I now have almost 500 customers from all over the world and have sold over a half million rings! Based on input from those customers, we have grown in breadth of products, but have remained true to our roots in chainmaille. We now offer rings, patterns, and kits.