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Tools are incredibly important to chainmaillers. We offer three lines of tools. Whether you are just starting out and are looking for economical tools while you decide if chainmaille is for you, or understand the value of comfortable, easy to use tools, CheapJumpRings has the best options at each price point.


Our economy line is from Beadsmith, a well known name in beading stores throughout the US. We selected this line due to the excellent features it offers at an economy price. It has box joint hinges andnice padding  on the handle. These are the typical Beadsmith pliers and cutters with the blue and black handles that you see at bead store for significantly more money. These are excellent value especially for people who are just starting out in chainmaille and don't want to spend a fortune at the begining. Later, as you continue to grow in Chainmaille, you will want to invest in higher quality tools, but can still keep these to take on trips or to lend to friends.


Our middle grade pliers are also from Beadsmith.  These are their "German Series". They also offer box joints, but add double leaf springs. There is more padding on the handle to allow you work for longer periods of time without your hands becoming sore.


Our top of the line tools are made by Tronex. If you are not familiar with Tronex, you owe it to yourself to learn about them. Tronex originally marketed their tools to the electronics assembly market, but are now becoming more popular with jewelry makers. They were designed to allow workers to use them for 8 hours a day without getting sore hands. They have all of the features that you wish your current tools had. They are high precision, and very well built. They offer long ergonomic fully double padded handles, raised bearings with delrin washers, stainless steel leaf springs and Razor Flush Cutting edges that even the more expensive cutters cannot offer you. With all Tronex pliers and cutters, you get your choice of handle length.