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Chainmaille Patterns is now featuring the phenomenal patterns and directions from Matthew Woodbury's

I know you can find free patterns on many internet sites, but these patterns are in a class by themselves. For a small fee, you can obtain patterns that will easily guide through even the most complex patterns. When my wife first began chainmaille, she told me about the creative patterns and clear directions that she found on As my business has grown I continue to hear from my customers that is truly the "gold-standard". In our effort to ensure that we are only supplying the highest quality products to our customers, it was a natural fit to bring together the the excellent directions from Matthew Woodbury's with the high quality, affordable jumprings from

Over the course of the next few months we will continue to build the Culture Jewelry collectioin of patterns.



Model Image Item Name Price
Pat3in2 3 in 2 Chainmaille Pattern

3 in 2 Chainmaille Pattern

3 in 2 is a great pattern for beginners and experienced chainmaillers alike. It does not require a lot of experience, but still looks elegant. This...

PatBosco Bosco Chainmaille Pattern

Bosco Chainmaille Pattern

The focus of this pattern is a heavy masculine chain with an interesting knot motif. If you are looking for something that is rugged for...

PatBox Box Chainmaille Pattern

Box Chainmaille Pattern

Box is a pattern that will look good on either women or men. It can be made to look more masculine with larger gauge links, and more feminine with...

PatByzantine Byzantine Chainmaille Pattern

Byzantine Chainmaille Pattern

Byzantine also known as bird cage, is the natural progression from box.  In this chain you will start to weave links and rotate a symmetrical...

PatEBook Chainmaille Pattern E-Book

Chainmaille Pattern E-Book

[Available as a download only] An incredible collection of the best patterns from Culture Jewelry. It is divided into 2 sections: The first part of...

PatFPers Full Persian Chainmaille Pattern

Full Persian Chainmaille Pattern

Persian can take many forms. It is described here as full Persian 6 in 1 due to the ring engagement. Each ring has 6 other rings intersecting it. The...


Intertwine Chainmaille Pattern

This pattern has been designed as a two color pattern. Normally I don’t recommend this unless there is a significant reason to do it. The...

PatJNP Jens Pind 4 in 1 Chainmaille Pattern

Jens Pind 4 in 1 Chainmaille Pattern

Jens Pind is a fabulous pattern, but is is also considered an advanced pattern. It has intriguing symmetry that never ceases to amaze me. Parallel...

PatRope Rope Chainmaille Pattern

Rope Chainmaille Pattern

Rope is sturdy and has an interesting texture. Depending on the link gauge it can be masculine or feminine. Larger diameter rings create a looser...


Bosco Instructional Video

Silent video to made by Matthew Woodbury from Culture Jewelry showing exactly how to make the Bosco weave. A great add-on to either the Bosco Kit or...