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Once you understand my product numbering system for jump rings, you can quickly search for the product you are looking for. Here is how it works:


JumpRings are numbered using the following format: MMSGGDDDD Where:

  • MM refers to the metal the rings are made from SS=Sterling Silver, AS=Argentium Silver, GY=14/20 Yellow Gold-filled, GR=14/20 Rose Gold-filled, SF=0.925/10 Sterling Silver-filled, CU=Copper, BR=Brass, NI=Nickel and AL=Aluminum
  • S refers to the shape. R=Round, S=Square, and T=Twisted Square GG refers to the gauge (AWG).
  • DDDD refers to the inside diameter of the ring in millimeters. Always 4 digits. 4mm=0400, 11mm=1100, 1/8"=0318 since the mm equivalent of 1/8" is 3.18mm

Once you understand the system, you can just input the product number into the search box and the desired rings will appear.